Civil Plane Crashes in Los Angeles Suburb, Kills Pilot

The single-engine plane crashed and caught fire near Whiteman Airport in Pacoima.
Fabienne Lang
Pacoima plane crashLAFD/YouTube

A small civilian plane crashed into a Pacoima street in the Los Angeles suburb on Thursday. The pilot, the only person on board, was attempting to land at nearby Whiteman Airport, per the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) who were at the scene

Footage of the crash shows the fiery flames billowing up into the Californian sky. Cars, trees, and the plane were ablaze. The aircraft was a small Cessna 172 and had crashed into two vehicles as it hit the street. 

The crash occurred at 11:45 AM local time, and the fire department had extinguished the flames by 1:30 PM, noted the Los Angeles Times.


No survivors

Tragically, the pilot, the "solo male occupant of the airplane" was "beyond medical help," as LAFD spokesperson Nicholas Prange said

No other injuries have been reported, aside from a nearby resident who witnessed the crash and was shaken up by it. After the firefighters evaluated them, the witness was deemed safe to return home without any further assistance, per the LAFD.

Power was shut off in the area by the fire department so as to stop any further damage or electrical hazards, as electrical lines had been brought down during the crash. 

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The Federal Aviation Association has been notified of the incident, and further investigations as to what circumstances led to the crash will be carried out. 

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