Civitas Designers to Turn Sim City to Ruins

Interesting Engineering

And now for some engineering fun!

 If you’re a lover of Sim City, Civilization, or any other city-or-civilization-building computer game, you will likely love a Kickstarter launch called Civitas. The designers of Civitas were inspired by their largely shared hatred of Sim City’s always-online DRM which causes frequent problems for players including long wait times or simply being utterly unable to log in and play the game.

Civitas is DRM-free.

civitas-1 sim[Image Source: Civitas]

In addition to its DRM-free environment, Civitas offers some key strategic and creative features lacking in Sim City. Prominent among these are real-time terraforming and the acquisition of building permits (ah, political realities!). Day-night-day cycles also promise to be in real time.

civitas-2[Image Source: Civitas] civitas-4[Image Source: Civitas]

The developers of Civitas say that their game is "a revolutionary, open ended, community driven, highly moddable city building game, where you are not only responsible for terraforming the land, zoning, and building the structures, but you will also be able to manage many other aspects of your civilization."

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