Clubhouse Now Available For Android, But Is It Too Little Too Late?

After over a year since it officially launched for iOS, the exclusive audio app is branching out.
Fabienne Lang
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Clubhouse is now available for Android users in the U.S. via the Google Play Store. 

Since its inception just over a year ago, the social media audio platform was only exclusively available for iOS users. But as of yesterday, May 9, Clubhouse's availability is expanding.

In a company blog post, the team explained that after the U.S., it would gradually grow to include other English-speaking countries before becoming available to the rest of the world. The waitlist and invitation-only system will carry on, but the hope is that the platform becomes more widely available in a way that feels native to everyone no matter their linguistic background. 

In the coming few weeks, Clubhouse's team will gather feedback from the community to fix any issues, and add new features to keep on track with its expansion. 

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse deems itself a new type of network, where people turn to it to discuss interesting topics, and anyone who is invited to join the platform can listen in, learn, forge friendships, meet new people, and more. And it's all done vocally. 

As mentioned, the app was only available for iOS until yesterday, but as it kept growing in popularity, one of the main points of feedback was that it should be more widely accessible, especially for Android users. Hence, the rollout for Android beta is in motion in the U.S. 

Some big names have discussed big topics on the app since it launched, like Elon Musk back in February who talked axbout cryptocurrencies, the future of Tesla, and meme addictions.

Perhaps the move is a logical next step in its growth tactics, and perhaps it's a sign that the platform's popularity was dwindling, so it needed to keep people connected in new ways. 

How Clubhouse has fared

One of the reasons Clubhouse may be struggling to keep enticing people to join its network is due to the fact that other social media platforms are now presenting similar offerings. 

For example, Twitter now has Spaces, its audio platform for users who have more than 600 followers — clearly proving another type of exclusivity. Reddit is going to offer Reddit Talk, where existing users can use the new audio feature. Facebook won't stand idly on the sidelines either, as there are plans to create Live Audio Rooms, and Hotline, two audio options where web-based Q&A sessions and live conversation rooms will take place respectively, as Fast Company points out.

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Since its inception up until April this year, CNBC reported that Clubhouse had been downloaded 14.2 million times. That's still a relatively low number compared with the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, all of which have billions of users. 

It also looks like Clubhouse memberships have steadied out over its first year, although that's to be expected. 

Perhaps launching its services for Android users will help boost its numbers once again, as well as the fact that it'll be available across the world.

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