Clumsy? No Worries! You Can Save Wet Book Pages in a Few Steps

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If you constantly spill drinks around the house, you might be familiar with wet book pages. You knock one drink over and suddenly your favorite notebook is dripping wet. Whenever we let the books dry by themselves, they seem to shrivel up.

One Japanese children's author and illustrator Haluka Nohana shared a DIY solution which saves books in a few simple steps.

Besides, if you compare with the priceless importance of the pages, the technique is quite cheap, almost for nothing. You might only need to use the paper towel instead of used or draft papers, which might count a few cents or less.

haruka-nohana-diy-fix-wet-book-pages-fi[Image source: Haluka Nohana]

The technique is pretty simple. All you should do is following the steps. First of all, place pieces of waste paper, paper towels or a couple pieces of toilet paper in between each of the wet pages. Avoid using magazine pages, as they don't absorb water and the pages can bleed onto your notebook. Choose white layers to guarantee no new colors rub onto your notebook.

The second step involves placing a heavy object on top of the notebook. Make sure the object is larger than the notebook and distributes weight evenly. This way, each page dries at the same rate rather than the edges drying before the center or vice versa.

If need be, you should replace the paper towels/absorbing paper until the pages dry. You can leave the heavy object on the notebook for a few days to guarantee good results.

haruka-nohana-diy-fix-wet-book-pages-4[Image source: Haluka Nohana]

Haluka Nohana says the technique might not work well on all types of papers but works on most. Effectiveness depends on the notebook's material and any chemicals added to the paper (i.e. inks, dyes).

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haruka-nohana-diy-fix-wet-book-pages-2[Image source: Haluka Nohana]
Place a piece of waste paper, paper towel or a couple piece of toilet paper in between the each wet pages.

If you need to speed up the process, Nohana suggests adding paper towels every few pages instead of every single page. Simply iron the pages on a low temperature.

haruka-nohana-diy-fix-wet-book-pages-3[Image source: Haluka Nohana]
Install something heavy but balanced on the top and watch out if the weight is pressuring equally or not.

haruka-nohana-diy-fix-wet-book-pages-5[Image source: Haluka Nohana]
Don't forget to replace the paper towels until you get sure about all water had sucked by that and pages get dried.
Keep putting something heavy for a few days to get a longer lasting result.

If you want to see more of Nohana's work (including children's illustrations),  you can check out his website here. Follow him on Twitter here.

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