Coca-Cola and Star Wars Merge to Create the Greatest Hunt Ever

Star Wars fans in Singapore now have the chance to go on a great Coca-Cola hunt.
Nursah Ergü
The photo credit line may appear like thisCoca-Cola

Star Wars fans in Singapore, get ready for a great hunt that will take you on an exciting journey. Coca-Cola and Star Wars came up with a new project called "Galactic Hunt" in Singapore. This so-called hunt will take place between the dates of 6-8 December, 13-15 December, and 20-22 December. 


In the hunt, 8,000 lighted bottles are located in various 7-Eleven stores in Singapore and they're waiting to be discovered. There are only 9 days and 5 secret locations to find out these bottles.

The Galactic Hunt is a part of Coca-Cola's current campaign "Full Force No Sugar", which started on 30 October 2019 and will end on 31 December 2019.

Coca-Cola and Star Wars Merge to Create the Greatest Hunt Ever
Source: Coca-Cola

To find out where the lighted bottles are, you have to solve the riddles on the website of the campaign. There'll be 5 riddles for 5 locations, which will allow you to find out the location of Gatekeepers when you solve them.

For the three weekends, there will be five secret locations for each day, and there will be a gatekeeper for the bottles. The hunt will last between 12 pm to 8 pm. The gatekeeper will give you a special pass that will allow you to buy a lighted bottle in a 7-Eleven outlet. 

The prizes of the campaign are also so cool; an R2D2 Canister, a Star Wars backpack, a Star Wars lunch bag, and a Star Wars drawstring bag. 

So are you ready for a crazy hunting session?


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