College Student Builds Tiny Home for $15,000

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The cost of college in America has skyrocketed in recent years, making many question whether its actually worth it. Design major Joel Weber wanted to avoid the high priced dorm environment, so he simply built his own house. He ended up spending just US$15,000 on this well-designed 145 sq-ft tiny home, saving tons of money to invest back into his education. To put it into perspective, an apartment on campus at the University of Texas, Austin where he was attending, would have cost him US$1,500 a month, or US$72,000 over the course of 4 years. His housing may be a little unconventional, but it's hard not to jump on board with savings like that, take a look!

aesthetic-tiny-house[Image Source: Courtesy of Joel Weber]

Weber's design skills are certainly evident throughout the entire structure. The 25-year-old started construction on his future abode before he left for college. It's built on the traditional 4-wheeled trailer, much like other tiny homes, done to evade size requirements in building codes. The design for the structure came completely out of Weber's imagination, and he started laying out the floor plan with rope in his backyard.

cheap-tiny-house-loft tiny home[Image Source: Courtesy of Joel Weber]

His new tiny home was built almost entirely by himself, with a little help from a plumber and electrician. For a mid-twenties college student, Weber admits it was a risk as he emptied all of his savings and emergency funds. In order to save money, he used recycled materials and even carved the bathroom sink himself from mango wood and epoxy.

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[Image Source: Courtesy of Joel Weber]

Many may question the decision to go tiny, but for a single person who can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing so, it seems like an easy choice. Weber says he is very comfortable, and despite having had sizable offers on the home, he plans on living in it for as long as he can.

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"The return on this kind of investment is one of the best choices I've ever made."

tiny-house-build-college-student tiny home

[Image Source: Courtesy of Joel Weber]

As far as land and utilities goes, Weber trades the occasional childcare and cleaning services for use of a family's land. This allows him to live essentially rent-free and focus more on the other aspects of his life in his tiny home.

The decision to go tiny isn't for everyone, but the choice is becoming increasingly more common, offering up a debt-free, eco-friendly way to enjoy life. Weber doesn't regret any part of the decision, and encourages others to open their eyes to what the possibility can hold.

tiny house -office-stair tiny home[Image Source: Courtesy of Joel Weber]

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