Colorful New Maps Capture the Veins of America

Shelby Rogers

A beautiful new map surfaced online detailing the interwoven rivers and streams throughout the United States.

Imgur user Fejentlenfej, who also serves as a geographer and DIS analyst, crafted the maps. Its creator said they used Strahler Stream Order Classification, making higher stream orders bolder with thicker lines.

rainbow_mapuse [Image Courtesy of Imgur]

The maps were created via QGIS software. The prints are available on Etsy in both black and white backgrounds.

rainbowmap2[Image Courtesy of Imgur]

The contiguous US has 18 major river basins spanning 48 states. Most of the map is dominated by the Mississippi River basin. It includes the Upper and Lower basins and the Missouri River Basin and covers 41 percent of the United States.

rainbowmap4 [Image Courtesy of Imgur]

River basins hold a wealth of knowledge for scientists in the US. Most recently, researchers near the Columbia River Basin were given a $3 million grant to figure out better ways to recover the area from droughts and other shocks to its environment.

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rainbowmap3[Image Courtesy of Imgur]

Despite the odd socio-economics of the Mississippi region and American south, no one can deny the distinct importance of the Mississippi River Basin.

"It must be remembered these wetlands, on an environmental basis, are truly an internationally important area of the ecosystem and environment," said researcher R. King Milling.

To discover more about the US's largest river basin, check out the video below.

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