Compact plastic water tank home you can pull with your bike

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A design company from New York have come up with an alternative home that is made from water tanks that have been recycled. The Taku Tanku is a tiny home which can be pulled along by a bicycle and it has a bed and a desk inside. It is a very basic home, more of a shelter really, as it has no bathroom or plumbing.


[Image Source: Stereo Tank]

The tiny house was made of 3,000 one litre water tanks, all of which have been connected using a ring of wood that frames the entrance way. The house is only 9 square meters, with the interior being able to hold two, or at a push, three people. Along with the bedroom and desk area it has room for storage or belongings and it comes with LEDs that are solar powered to light up the inside.

The whole house can be carried by a couple of people or towed by a bicycle, car or boat. The Taku Tanku is able to be taken anywhere and serves as a basic shelter. It was designed as an eco-friendly project that could be easily put together using off the shelf materials.

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[Image Source: Stereo Tank]

"The materials used are relatively light, making Taku-Tanku easy to be carried by a person, by a bicycle, or by a car,' say Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, the founders of Stereotank.

"Also, given the nature of the water tanks, the structure could float and be carried by a boat."


[Image Source: Stereo Tank]

"The fact that the tanks are pre-fabricated makes it easier to build a shelter, not only in the configuration used on Taku-Tanku but in many other ways as well, from single units to multiple layouts as a modular complex,' continue Ertorteguy and Valente.

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