Company to Close COVID-19 Testing Gap With Mobile Testing Trailer

A healthcare provider has joined with a mobile dental clinic to provide on-site COVID-19 testing to at-risk communities, in California.
Brad Bergan

A tech-heavy healthcare provider has partnered with a mobile dental clinic to fill the gaps in COVID-19 testing with a mobile testing trailer. The mobile testing clinic uses tests from Abbott Laboratories, which offers same-day results, according to a tweet from Co-Founder and CEO of Carbon Health, Eren Bali.


COVID-19 testing hits the road

Last month, Carbon Health announced it would ship at-home COVID-19 test kits to patients who felt sick but whose healthcare providers recommended they stay home to limit the risk of potential exposure to vulnerable people surrounding them, according to a March press release. But with the company's Bay Area and Los Angeles viral (PCR) testing constrained, Carbon Health is taking the offensive.

"The prevention measures in California seem to be working. It's time for the offensive now. We should start testing and tracing everyone who has exposure," said Bali, in a tweet. He added that while antibody testing is still not available (in the U.S.), there's one FDA approved test available now, from Abbott.

On-site COVID-19 tests may be booked in California

Partnering with Studio Dental — a mobile dental clinic — Bali's Carbon Health intends to fill the gaps in coronavirus testing with a mobile testing trailer that will offer same-day results as it moves to cover a wider area in Southern California, according to the company's schedule.

People who wish to book a COVID-19 testing session may do so on the company's official website, with one to two days at each location.

"We are also doing on-site mass testing in some assisted living centers and other high-risk essential businesses," said Bali in the same Twitter thread. As we see signs in New York City that the coronavirus pandemic may be leveling out, perhaps it's time for other companies to follow suit, and take the fight to at-risk neighborhoods across the country.

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