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Wearable technology is the craze at the moment with watches and glasses at the forefront. However, Will Miller from Sydney has come up with some new wearable tech that allows you to take control of your phone with a cap. He has designed the Snaptrax, a cool looking baseball cap with Bluetooth. The cap can then connect to a smartphone and be controlled by voice of the wearer.


[Image Source: Snaptrax]

The Snaptrax has the appearance of any regular baseball cap, but just above the peak in the corners are speakers, a microphone and a Bluetooth module. The cap can connect with the phone via Bluetooth so that the person wearing it can use their phone by voice to control for such things as sending texts and emails and also controlling music playback.


[Image Source: Snaptrax]

While the Snaptrax isn’t going to stand apart from other wearable tech, its a truly unique way of controlling your phone. Miller pointed out that the Snaptrax cap is both a practical and stylish way of keeping connected hands-free.


[Image Source: Snaptrax]

He went on to say "We're very aware that everyone has different tastes and comes from different backgroundsOur stretch goals include connected bucket hats and visors, and we even have plans for a connected hardhat for tradesmen."

The Snaptrax cap is still in the very early stages of being developed and Miller along with the rest of his team have been working on the technical side. This includes the battery along with charging, while the focus remains on being able to reach a balance between function of the cap and how comfortable it is to wear.


[Image Source: Snaptrax]

They couldn't fill the whole lining with batteries as this would make the cap very uncomfortable to wear, but plans are set out to let the cap run for a few days from a 90-minute charge.


[Image Source: Snaptrax]

The cap will be waterproof so you don't need to worry about rain and the team plan on releasing it in four colour variations of red and black. The project is on Kickstarter and you can make a pledge for AU$189 to pre-order your own. There is a goal of $158,000 set and if this is met, they will go ahead and start shipping the Snaptrax cap at the start of January 2015.


[Image Source: Snaptrax]


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