Covent Garden levitating building leaves Londoners awestruck

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British artist Alex Chinneck has installed his latest work of ark in Covent Garden with the title of 'Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder'. It features a building that looks to have been broken in half, with the top half floating around 3 metres in mid-air making it appear to be levitating.


[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]

The 12 metre long prefab building has been made mostly from CNC polystyrene with the building having been chopped in half. The top half of the building seems to be hanging in the air un-supported and has visitors to Covent Garden awestruck.


[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]

However you may wish to pay special attention to the green cart that is up against the building, very conveniently situated, don’t you think?


[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]

The clever art installation makes use of a steel framework weighing 14 tonnes along with a 4 tonne counterweight for support. A team of specialists were used in the project from various areas, including carpenters, steel fabricators, structural engineers and architectural consultants. They all helped to put the installation together and it was then taken in a truck in pieces to Covent Garden and assembled over a period of four days.


[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]

Chinneck said, "My objective was to create an accessible artwork that makes a harmonious but breath-taking contribution to its historic surroundings, leaving a lasting and positive impression upon the cultural landscape of Covent Garden and in the minds of its many visitors.

"The hovering building introduces contemporary art to traditional architecture, performing a magic trick of spectacular scale to present the everyday world in an extraordinary way."


[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]

The art piece is going to remain on display in the East Piazza of Covent Garden until the 24th of October and the artist will be talking about the process of the construction of the piece when he makes an appearance at the site on the 15th.


take_my_lightning_alex_chinneck-28[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]take_my_lightning_alex_chinneck-17[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]take_my_lightning_alex_chinneck-10

[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]take_my_lightning_alex_chinneck-4[Image Source: Alex Chinneck]

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