Costa Rica is home to one of the most unusual hotels, an airplane in the jungle

Interesting Engineering

There are many exceptional and stunning resorts to stay if you are taking a holiday in Costa Rica but one of the most unusual hotels happens to be Boeing 727 which is lodged in against a jungle canopy at the Costa Verde Resort.


[Image Source: Costa Verde Resort]

The Boeing 727 from 1965 was originally used to fly people on South African Air along with Avianca Airlines and it has now found a home as a stunning hotel room, which juts out from among the palm trees and vegetation.


[Image Source: Costa Verde Resort]

The airplane was rescued from San Jose and it was very carefully taken to Costa Verde Resort and meticulously restored to its former glory, with the addition of a log cabin resting on top. Five big rig trucks were needed to get the airplane into place and the airplane now nestles on the edge of the National Park on a pedestal that is 50 feet in height. Being at this height means that guests are offered spectacular views out over the jungle and ocean, from their hardwood deck on what was the right wing of the airplane. The whole of the interior of the airplane was carefully designed in Costa Rican teak panelling and from the inside you would be forgiven for thinking you were in a luxury hotel room, not in the belly of an old Boeing 727.


[Image Source: Costa Verde Resort]

All of the furnishings on the interior of the airplane have been hand-carved; the teak furniture is from Java, Indonesia. The airplane hotel offers two bedrooms, both of which have air conditioning along with the all the mod-cons you would expect in a luxury resort.


[Image Source: Costa Verde Resort]

Both of the bedrooms have their own private bathrooms, along with flat screen TVs. There is a kitchenette with dining area foyer, with a terrace that offers some of the most stunning views you could ever ask for. To get into the airplane hotel room, guests have their own private entrance, which happens to be up a spiral staircase made from river rock. There are 360 degree views out over the gardens that surround the resort.