How to Create a Simple Automatic Door Alarm

Trevor English

Last week we brought you a device that could lock your door when your computer is in incognito mode, and here is how to create a super simple DIY door alarm. Security equipment and alarm systems can be really expensive, so to save some money, you can create all of the equipment yourself. The device functions by using a clothespin as a trigger, which sets off a motor when the door is opened. It is rather useful, and it would give you a good alarm when anyone comes through your door. Check out the video below.

The key component to this device is the clothespin trigger. This 'trigger' completes a circuit when the door is opened, signaling the alarm to go off. In the video, LGX designs uses a makeshift rattle for the alarm but using the same setup, you could wire the system to trigger any number of things. Essentially anything that requires a circuit can be wired up with this tripwire device, giving you a custom alarm.

door alarm[Image Source: LGX Design]

It is always incredible to see the simple things you can make with spare electronics from around the house. If you have a spare 30 minutes, this would definitely make for a fun project to make and show off to your friends. To take the project to the next level, all you would need to do is hook the system up to a microcontroller that would send you a text or notification when the circuit is completed.

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