Creator Builds a Giant Bicycle That Walks

Trevor English
The photo credit line may appear like this

If you are a fan of bicycles and mechanical walking machines, prepare to have your mind blown. The Boneshaker Big Weehl is a mahcine that is half bicycle and half convoluted machine. On the front end is an old style large bicycle wheel and on the back end is a series of klan mechanism, or what are commonly incorporated into walking machines. Check out the crazy contraption below.

Ron Schroer is an artist from Jacksonville, Florida who wanted to create a penny-farther, or a high-wheel bicycle, but make it dance. Taking from the classical design, he took things to the next level and created something that both combines the old and the new. If you want to learn some mechanics, building yourself a klan mechanism is actually a great way to start. You can make all sorts of robot walking machines that are absolutely mesmerizing.


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