Dairy Queen Customers 'Pay It Forward' 900 Times in Chain of Kindness

This could be classified as one of the most spontaneous and longest acts of kindness.
Fabienne Lang
Dairy Queen in Brainerd, MNDairy Queen

Here's a little holiday cheer after a tough and unexpected 2020: a Dairy Queen in Brainerd, Minnesota, saw over 900 drive-thru customers pay for the customer in the car behind them. 

It was spontaneous, it was heart-warming, and it lasted two and a half days, as Tina Jensen, Manager of the Dairy Queen in question, posted on Facebook.

Starting on Thursday lunchtime and ending on Saturday morning, the team made over $10,000 in sales thanks to the kindness of its loyal customer base, Jensen said in an interview with local news channel Kare 11, who was the first to report the news.

Given how hard this year has been, especially for the food and beverage industry, this act of kindness will be remembered for a long time. 


The wonderful chain reaction that took place last week started thanks to one kind man. The Dairy Queen customer decided to pay for the next customer's purchase, and when Jensen told the unsuspecting person what had happened, suggesting gently that she could "pay it forward" by paying for the next customer's meal, a domino effect went into full action. 

Keeping people up to date, Jensen regularly posted on the store's Facebook page what was going on. Incredulous and thrilled, she was taken aback by everyone's thoughtfulness. 

If you don't know what to buy someone for Christmas, why not pay for the next customer's purchase in a café or store?