DEA Plane Crash-Lands into a Parked Tesla Model X

A DEA plane made an emergency landing in Texas on Wednesday injuring one agent aboard.
Jessica Miley

A US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) plane made an emergency crash landing injuring one of three special agents on board. The plane crashed down in Sugar Land, Texas, on Wednesday, after conducting flight training exercises.

Wendell Campbell, a DEA special agent from Houston told Business Insider that the injured agent was taken to hospital but later released. "The plane had some mechanical difficulties and they had to do an emergency landing," Campbell said.

The Cessna, single-engine plane went down on Voss Road near Highway 6. Footage of the crash shows that it collided with several vehicles including one white Tesla Model X. CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, commented on the crash via Twitter saying, "Wow, glad they're ok!"

Tesla Model X plane crash
Source: Oniel Kurup/Facebook

Plane crashes down on parked cars and powerlines 

The plane also hit some power lines as it made its emergency descent but there were no reported injuries from the ground. Fort Bend County Texas sheriff Troy Nehls was quoted in the local paper, the Houston Chronicle: "Imagine you're just driving down Voss Road in Fort Bend County and all the sudden an aircraft strikes your vehicle. That would be enough to put me in cardiac arrest."

The DEA is a US Law Enforcement Agency that primarily deals with combating drug smuggling and use within the United States. It is tasked with coordinating and pursuing US drug investigations both domestic and abroad.

Tesla Model X plane crash
Source: Oniel Kurup/Facebook

The owner of the Tesla which was smashed by the plane took to Facebook to shed more light on the story. Oniel Kurup posted nine hours ago saying, "Many saw this on the news just now. And I'm getting calls with concerns about our saftey.

Want to let all my friends and family know that Aarav and I are completely fine.. GOD and this CAR truly saved us today. Not a scratch on us. No one believed me when I called them to let them know a plane crashed into me. Tesla, people thought It was a prank call. Wife laughed at me at first. Jokes aside, this was a serious matter, I saw my life flash in that minute. A second is all it takes."

Kurup was in the Tesla when the plane careened into it. Luckily both he and his companion were able to escape unharmed.

Tesla Model X plane crash
Source: Oniel Kurup/Facebook

DEA struggles against tidal wave of drugs

In 2017 there were 4,650 special agents employed by the Drug Enforcement Administration. These agents were responsible for the seizing of as much as $1.4 billion in drug trade-related assets and $477 million worth of drugs in 2005 alone.


However, according to the White House's Office of Drug Control Policy, the total value of all drugs sold in the U.S. is worth around $64 billion a year, which means the DEA has an efficiency rate of less than 1% at intercepting the flow of drugs into and within the U.S. The DEA has many high-profile critics that believe the money spent on attempting to curb drug importation and use would be better spent on rehabilitating drug users.

The DEA operates an aviation office based in Fort Worth Alliance Airport, Texas. The current Aviation Operations (AO) of the DEA has 106 aircraft and 124 DEA pilots.

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