'Debris field' just discovered in search area for missing Titan Sub

In a major update, the US Coast Guard has announced the discovery of a debris field within the designated search area.
Sade Agard
An OceanGate sub
An OceanGate sub


In a significant development, the US Coast Guard has announced the discovery of a debris field within the designated search area near the Titanic wreck using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). 

The exact connection of this debris to the ongoing Titan search remains uncertain, but experts within the ROV team are currently assessing the information.

It has been confirmed that the French deep-sea robot, Victor 6000, was deployed earlier, while the Canadian vessel, Horizon Arctic, has also deployed its own ROV, which is currently operating on the sea floor.

According to Sky's US correspondent, James Matthews, although the specifics regarding the debris have yet to be confirmed, the situation "doesn't look good."

"Frankly, the use of the word debris does not sound good at all. In a situation and at a depth where the water pressure is huge, it can do considerable damage to vessels," he said from Boston, U.S.

Matthews emphasized that in the event of a worst-case scenario, which is still uncertain, if the vessel had been catastrophically broken up or imploded due to the extreme pressures at that depth, then the term 'debris' would unquestionably be an apt description for that highly alarming situation.

Speaking on the UK's Sky News recently, a rescue expert says the debris found in the search for Titan was "a landing frame and a rear cover from the submersible".

David Mearns says he is part of a WhatsApp group involving The Explorers Club, and is friends with two of the passengers on board.

Mearns told Sky News that the president of the club said to the group: "It was a landing frame and a rear cover from the submersible."

"This is an unconventional submarine, that rear cover is the pointy end of it and the landing frame is the little frame that it seems to sit on."

He says this confirms that it is the submersible.

"It means the hull hasn't yet been found but two very important parts of the whole system have been discovered and that would not be found unless it's fragmented," he added.

Mearns also spoke about the fairing of the submarine - shaped like a fishtail - and said: "If the faring is off and the frame is off - then something really bad has happened to the entire structure."

"On the news that we have yet, they haven't found the hull of which the men are inside."

The US Coast Guard is scheduled to hold a press briefing to discuss findings from the Horizon Arctic’s remotely operated vehicle near the Titanic at 3:00 pm local time (ET).

This is breaking news and will be promptly updated as new details emerge.