Delightful Malfunction Makes Wine Flow out of Taps in Northern Italian Town

Residents of Settecani ogled over Lambrusco wine pouring out of their taps instead of water.
Fabienne Lang

Wednesday morning may have seen a number of Italian residents tipsily swaying out of their houses. The reason being was that their taps were flowing with wine instead of water. 

The town of Settecani, near Modena in the north of Italy, experienced a little tap mishap on March 4th, as a local winery suffered a technical issue that resulted in its wine flowing out of taps in nearby homes. 


Quickly resolved issue

The winery in question, Cantina Settecani, suffered a technical fault in its bottling line which led to higher pressure in the wine compared to that of water, resulting in local taps overflowing with wine. 

Apologies were received by the winery, who also stated that the "problem" was quickly resolved

Their statement read "Due to a fault in the bottling line, Lambrusco Grasparossa came out of some taps in Settecani. Hera (a waste disposal company) intervened following our report and the problem was solved. The incident did not involve hygiene or health risks. We apologize for the inconvenience caused."

If anything, residents probably wanted the incident to last a little longer! 

Taking the matter seriously, though, the Castelvetro di Modena council also apologized and stated: "Regarding the reports received about the Settecani water system, we want to inform you that it was caused by a sudden failure of the production plant of a company in the area."

"The fault has already been resolved and there are no more problems with the network in question. We reassure those involved that it was a loss of wine, that is not harmful to the body and which poses no hygiene and health risks."

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To prove just how much residents, truly, had no problem with the wine-flowing taps, the local paper Gazzetta di Modena reported that locals "bottled as much of the precious liquid as they could…to enjoy at subsequent lunches or dinners featuring sausages and other local specialties."

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