Design Workshop Turns Kid's Drawings into Jewelry

Trevor English
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plane neclace[Image Source: TasarimTakarim]

Kids have never been known for their impressive drawing skills, but one design studio is turning kid's art into beautiful works of jewelry. I Plug Design Studio takes submissions from users and will create a custom piece modeled after the drawing or image you send in. The designers are careful to replicate every detail as the final products end up looking exactly like the original. These are perfect for the parent who wants to show their kids just how much they love them.

scarecrow necklace [Image Source: TasarimTakarim]

If your child draws on the wall while you weren't looking and you don't want to get rid of the beautiful picture, then the perfect compromise is to turn it into a necklace. The works of art become so much more personal and meaningful when they are representative of something a loved one has drawn for you. Just take a look at the owl below.

owl drawingowl pin[Image Source: TasarimTakarim]

The studio isn't just limited to producing necklaces, although with some designs it would be impossible to create anything else. You can choose between silver and gold for your custom piece, which ultimately decides a lot of the price. Simple works range from just over US$100 to more complex pieces going into the higher price range. You can check out more of the work below or on their website here.

kids necklace[Image Source: TasarimTakarim] children drawing[Image Source: TasarimTakarim] child jewlry[Image Source: TasarimTakarim]

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