Designer Turns iPhone Icons Black, Makes $100,000 in a Week

It's actually a matching design that fits our mood this year.
Deniz Yildiran
The photo credit line may appear like thisTraf/Twitter

iPhone users no longer seem to be interested in Apple's colorful updates. Instead, they might just want to adapt their theme into this chaotic year by going all black. And a designer just managed to take some advantage of it, even though it wasn't intentional. 

It all started with the screenshot of his design, shared on Twitter as BBC reports.

The designer, who called his online presence Traf, apparently customized his home screen and re-arranged the app icons according to his taste, thanks to iOS' new update. It seems that he had an impeccable one as iPhone users started to get him some interactions.


"These are first-time iOS customizers, so there's no notion of what an iOS icon set should be priced at," he explained in his blog. So there was no need for him not to price it anyway. He started selling the set at $28 (£22) 

A little customization never killed nobody. And it made some real money at the right time, as the designer explains. 

"The right content, posted at the right time, can create unimaginable results. Although there's likely plenty of other variables that went into making this work, there are a few key insights that I think increased my odds," he wrote in his blog. 

What gained him even more money was a sort of promoting video by the YouTuber Marques Brownlee, who reviews almost everything tech-related. It would be inevitable for 12.2 million followers to miss this dark-themed design, as you might expect.

There are other versions of the set coming in, slate, cobalt, and white. But black still looks the most classy. 

Designer Turns iPhone Icons Black, Makes $100,000 in a Week
Source: Traf

Traf has made more than $140,000 and sold his black-themed design to more than 5,000 customers, as he told BBC

However, he said he did it for the art. And he wasn't expecting this. 

"If I would have done this exclusively for the goal of making money, I'm convinced it wouldn't have worked nearly as well as it did," he explained. 


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