Designers Envision the Future of Audi Trucks

Trevor English

iteration of new semi[Image Source: Behance]

Vehicles in the trucking industries really haven't changed in the last 50 years, but a group of designers are seeking to bring some sleek engineering to Audi Trucks. Truck for Audi, is the name of the project, and the team devised two different designs of possible avenues the company could take. Both, look quite futuristic.

audi concept truck[Image Source: Behance]

The first truck was designed as a fully autonomous shipping vehicle, something that will likely put many in the transportation industry out of work in the coming years. The second black and red vehicle was designed as a show truck for Audi Trucks, and its jet pilot cockpit is the clear giveaway of this intended use. Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko are the designers behind this project, and it is reshaping what people think of in terms of ugly semis.

audi truck concept[Image Source: Behance]

Above, you can see the cockpit of the show truck that the duo designed, and it features the drivers wearing fighter jet style helmets who's only obvious use is to keep the bugs out of their faces. The most important thing to note about these trucks is that, unfortunately, they are just designs at the moment. It seems unlikely that Audi will move forward with building them, but if they continue to get the uproar that they are, we might soon see one on the road.

drivers on roof[Image Source: Behance]

If you are interested in this product, you can take a look at more of the design and engineering process on Behance, here. You can also watch the video below which delves into all of the futuristic designs of these Audi trucks.