Designers of small apartment in Germany make most of the space

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They say that size matters but when it comes to property you have to make the most of what you have. In this case the architects and designers of an apartment in Germany, Spamroom+ johnpaulcoss, had to make the most of the 21 square meters they had and they did it by making good use of the amount of vertical space in the property along with adding in a multi-purpose central unit.In this case the architects and designers of an apartment in Germany,


[Image Source: Spamroom]

The small apartment is located in Moabit in Berlin and dates back to the early 1900s. The apartment originally had two extremely small rooms and the occupants had to share an outside toilet. The previous designers had converted one of the rooms into a private bathroom but this left the apartment unbalanced in regards to the amount of sleeping, cooking and washing space.


[Image Source: Spamroom]

The new designers chose to open up the space as much as possible and took away all of the interior walls along with the surface layers and were left with a blank canvas. They then started to design a living and sleeping space that was comfortable along with a small bathroom, a kitchen and lots of storage areas.


[Image Source: Spamroom]

The focal point of the apartment is the central unit that splits the apartment lengthways. To one side is the kitchen with its large windows letting in plenty of light. There are plenty of cupboards overhead for storage, while the appliances were designed compact.


[Image Source: Spamroom]

On the opposite side of the unit is the corridor entrance to the apartment which also provides access to the internal portion of the unit. Inside this there is a bathroom of 2 square meters. Space is conserved here by way of a sliding door, while all the fixtures have been arranged so that they are as compact as possible.

spamroom-micro-apartment-moabit-22[Image Source: Spamroom]

The apartment has plenty of vertical height and this is made use of as the designers kept the central units height to the minimum making it possible for them to build a mezzanine floor above it thanks to a steel structure that is partially cantilevered. This holds the bedroom with raised lip that offers room for books and a laptop.


[Image Source: Spamroom]

There is a steel staircase leading up to the mezzanine floor and to make it un-obstructive it is attached via a narrow raised profile. The steel staircase is used for storage in the day and it gives access to another storage area by way of a pull-down wardrobe.


[Image Source: Spamroom]

Thanks to the layout there is plenty of space on the lower level and this has been used in many different ways. There is a working region thanks to the extended window sill and moving furniture about the space is easy. The clients of the apartment requested some designs of the original period and Jugendstil tiles have been used along with Craquele tiles that were salvaged locally.


[Image Source: Spamroom]

The floorboards have been restored and salvaged wood was used to replace some planks. The small apartment was completed this March and the designers added a new ceiling that is insulated.




[Image Source: Spamroom]


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