Detachable Wheel Winch Helps Get Your Car Unstuck

Trevor English

If you love offroading in your vehicle, you probably know that having a winch to get your car out of a rut is an essential tool. Named the Bush Winch, this little tool attaches to the nuts on your wheels and allows the rotation of each wheel to wind up the winch. This eliminates the need for expensive winches that often aren't powerful enough to get you unstuck. With the Bush Winch attached to your car, it will only take a few moments to get your car moving and get back to offroading! Check out the video of what it can do below.

You don't have to have a fancy bumper mount or other expensive equipment to use this innovative tool either. The drums attach to any wheel, and the ropes can hold 7,000 lbs of tensile force. The kit comes with 2 drums, one for each wheel, that way you have double the power and your car is pulled evenly up the hill.

Not only is this tool great for the off-road fanatic, but it can be a handle tool to keep in the back of a car for the everyday driver as well. There are tons of different attachments that can be bought with this winch to make it more versatile than it already is.

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