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What is the most common type of restaurants? If we neglect the differences in the kitchen, this is mostly a space restricted by few walls and containing lots of tables and a bar. A garden or a terrace could eventually make the place more diverse, and the beautiful view of a nearby mountain or beach could make the experience unforgettable. But it doesn’t change the fact that it is a restaurant like any other.

Dinner in the sky[Image Source: Dinner in the Sky]

But what about having a dinner on a table hanging at an altitude of 50 meters? “Dinner in the sky” makes such thing possible. This is a 9 meters long and 5 meters wide platform lifted by crane at a height between 40 and 50 meters. This platform supports 22 customers and 5 crew members who serve the clients from a rectangle in the middle of the table. The table could be compacted for transportation to width of 2.5 meters and 6 meters length. The table without people, beverages and food weighs around 5 tons and could be loaded to 7 tons.

Dinner in the sky[Image Source: Dinner in the Sky]

Seats are 22 and have angle of rotation of 180 degrees, customer safety is guaranteed by 4-points seat belts. The whole thing is lifted by 120-ton crane with 5 axes. Dinner in the sky requires area of 30 meters for deploying and it needs two hours of preparation. The facility is detached for an hour.

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The facility offers several different options such as TV screens, sound system, lights, heating (I am curious how exactly heating is provided?) and custom banner. It is stated that the facility is supplied with toilets which are located on the ground. Although it takes just a minute to go down, it may become some sort of annoying to go up and down too frequently.

Dinner in the Sky Brussels[Image Source: Dinner in the Sky]

The company offers also “Marriage in the sky”, “Lounge in the sky” and “Showbiz in the sky”.

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