Discover How Much Marine and Ocean Engineers Make around the World

Marine engineers have a lucrative but tough career path. Make an informed decision about salaries to make life at sea worth it.
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Thanks to the demand for marine engineers, marine engineers often have a lucrative career. Demand for marine engineers is projected to grow faster than average in the United States at a rate of 12 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Moreover, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics also revealed that marine engineers and naval architects made a median salary of $92,850 per year in 2018.

One of the great things about being a marine engineer is that you can go abroad as a result of your career.

But if you’re planning to pursue marine engineering jobs, then it’s worth knowing what to expect from an average marine engineering salary in the location of your choice.

Consider these important factors.

What impacts your marine engineering salary?

From the location of your job to your experience, several factors can impact how much you make as a marine engineer. For instance, the Economic Research Institute (ERI) reports that U.S.-based marine engineers bring in an average of $50 per hour. However, data from the ERI also reveals that marine engineers in Canada make an average of $51 CAD per hour or an estimated $39 USD per hour.

Your experience and expertise may also impact how much you can expect from your annual marine engineering salary. For example, PayScale reports that Australian-based marine engineers earn an average of $104,7018 AUD or about $71,160 USD annually. However, marine engineers in Australia who have between one to four years of experience typically earn an estimated $89,000 AUD per year or about $60,501 USD.

Moreover, PayScale's data also reveals that Australian-based marine engineers who are in their late careers may see a seven percent increase compared to the average salary for marine engineers compared nationwide. However, marine engineers with at least a decade of experience typically earn 19 percent above the average salary of marine engineers in Australia.

Moreover, marine engineers may make more in some countries than in others. According to Glassdoor, marine engineers in the United States make an average of $74,381 USD per year. However, Glassdoor also reports that Canada-based marine engineers make an average annual salary of $79,000 CAD or about $59,812 USD per year.


The industry you work in and the company you work for may affect your salary as well. The BLS reports that the transportation and warehousing industry paid U.S.-based marine engineers an average of $94,600 per year in 2018 while the federal government paid the most at $101,720 annually. Moreover, some of the top-paying companies for marine engineers in the United States include Maher Terminals ($182,000 USD), OSG Ship Management ($151,000 USD) and Manson Construction ($130,000 USD), according to Paysa.

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It's also important to note that different sources provide different salary ranges. For instance, Indeed reports that U.S.-based marine engineers make an average yearly salary of $80,885 while marine engineers in the United Kingdom make 31,808 GBP per year or about $38,569 USD per year. However, Glassdoor reports that marine engineers in the United Kingdom make an average of 36,590 GBP per year or $44,369 USD.

How much do entry-level marine engineering or ocean engineering jobs make?

When you’re just starting your career as a marine or ocean engineer, you can expect your annual income to be at the lower end. However, marine engineers are often in demand. As a result, marine and ocean engineering jobs tend to make a good salary, even if you are at the beginning of your career. As one of the ten highest-paid engineering majors in the United States, marine engineering offers a lucrative career path. 

ZipRecruiter reports that junior marine engineers in the United States bring in an average annual salary of $72,767 USD. However, PayScale reports that Canada-based marine engineers typically earn $62,417 CAD or about $47,238 USD early in their careers. Also, the city you live in may impact how much you earn every year as a marine or ocean engineer. For instance, PayScale's data highlights that the marine engineers in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador make an estimated 62 percent above the average salaries of marine and ocean engineers in Canada.

The good news is that continuing your career as a marine engineer often pays off. That's because the average salary for marine engineers increases with more experience.

For instance, PayScale's data also reveals that Canada-based marine engineers who are in their mid-careers make an average of $75,000 CAD or about $56,790 USD per year. That figure increases to $98,000 CAD or about $74,161 USD for marine engineers with 10 to 19 years of experience.

What do marine engineers typically make around the world?

Salaries for marine engineering jobs often vary from country to country. So, it's a good idea to look at the different salaries for marine engineers across the globe.

With this insight, you can have a better idea of the range of pay you should ask for when negotiating your marine engineering salary. Here’s a look at average annual marine engineering salaries around the world, according to the ERI:

Australia $130,423 AUD ($90,161 USD)
Austria 63 490 EUR ($70,776 USD)
Belgium 66.241 EUR ($73, 842 USD)
Brazil R$113.738 BRL ($30,110 USD)
Canada $106,958 CAD ($81,088 USD)
China 262,978 CNY ($38,228 USD)
Denmark 563.394 DKK ($83,957 USD)
Egypt 147,166 EGP ($8,888 USD)
Finland 69 399 EUR ($77,363 USD)
France 58 081 EUR ($64,746 USD)
Germany 73.628 EUR ($82,077 USD)
Iceland 10.369.887 ISK ($85,041 USD)
Italy 55.750 EUR ($62,147 USD)
Japan 10,771,561 JPY ($99,117 USD)
Mexico $386,036 MXN ($20,271 USD)
Netherlands 63.469 EUR ($70,752 USD)
New Zealand $114,943 ($76,275 USD)
Panama B/.39,681 PAB/yr ($39,683 USD)
Sweden 519.092 kr SEK ($54,630 USD)
Switzerland 100’741 CHF ($101,388 USD)
Thailand 723,371 THB ($23,477 USD)
Turkey 88.159 TRY ($15,543 USD)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) 289,504 AED ($78,819 USD)
United Kingdom 56,604 GBP ($ 70,082 USD)
United States of America (USA) $105,084 USD
Vietnam 451.615.721 VND ($19,489 USD)

Final thoughts

With so many options, you can take your marine engineering career to new heights when considering marine engineering jobs abroad. But it’s equally crucial to ensure you’re getting the pay you deserve.

By reviewing the different marine engineering salaries around the world, you can make better-informed decisions when negotiating your salary and have a better idea of what annual income to expect in the country of your preference.

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