Disneyland Digitally Snaps Masks on Maskless Guests in Photos

Initially, guests who did not wear masks could not receive pictures from their ride at all.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Since the mandatory introduction of face masks and other protective measures for COVID-19, we have seen plenty of strange initiatives taken to guarantee these practices are implemented including getting spot the robot to reinforce social distancing and holding concerts in bubbles.


However, none have been as strange as this latest practice reported by Walt Disney World News Today. It seems the popular recreation destination was caught digitally adding masks to people not wearing them on rides.

Before you think the park has gone a bit crazy, it should be noted that there is a reason behind this practice. Initially, guests who did not wear their masks on rides could not receive pictures from their ride at all.

A strange mask

This may have led to more than a few complaints which caused Disney World to instead digitally add the masks on the pics. This can be seen in a photo posted by Tony Townsend on the Facebook group Disney World Junkies.

The image (the header above) shows a woman in the back seat with an oversized, digitized face mask. Clearly, this was not her real mask.

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However, it should be noted that Walt Disney World News Today released a new update to their story that indicated that Disney World decided to stop this strange practice and instead focus on ensuring their guests actually wear masks.

"In response to guest requests, we tested modifying some ride photos. We are no longer doing this and continue to expect guests to wear face coverings except when actively eating or drinking while stationary," said the statement.

What do you think of this practice? Was it a smart idea that would allow all customers to get their photos or a dangerous one that might entice guests not to respect the resort's strict rules on mask-wearing? 

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