DIY Gamer 3D-Prints Game-Streaming Handheld PC

The Lemonlight v2 was built by Redditor Tombston using Raspberry Pi.
Chris Young

Ever since the Nintendo Switch came out, gamers want the option to play triple-A titles on the go with very little compromise in the graphics department.

Now, a Redditor, called Tombston, has impressively built his own handheld gaming device which, in theory, should be able to support up to 120 FPS, 4K streaming via Moonlight, Nvidia's GameStream protocol.


Looks like Nintendo Switch Lite but really packs a punch

Tombston set out to make a mobile gaming handheld without giving up performance or graphical fidelity. The crafty hardware tinkerer made his own Raspberry Pi Zero W-based game streaming handheld, which he has named "Lemonlight."

Though the Lemonlight v2 greatly resembles a Nintendo Switch Lite, as far as we can tell, there isn't a single Switch piece included in the device.

DIY Gamer 3D-Prints Game-Streaming Handheld PC
Source: Tombston/Reddit

In the Reddit post, Tombston explains that the exterior includes two Nintendo Wii U analog sticks, several Playstation Dual Shock knockoff buttons, and a custom-made ergonomic 3D-printed shell.

The interior, meanwhile, includes a 5,0000 mAh battery, an AC600 WiFi dongle, and a 1080p, 5.5-inch Waveshare AMOLED display.

The device uses Moonlight, an "open source implementation of Nvidia's GameStream protocol," which lets users run PC games remotely via an internet connection.

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Though Tombston's Lemonlight v2 doesn't quite have the hardware to reach Moonlight's full 4K streaming potential, it still supports 1080p, 60 FPS gaming.

Considering the Nintendo Switch has to downscale to 720p when used in handheld mode for most games, that's a pretty impressive device that Tombston has put together.

The Lemonlight has also evolved quite impressively from Tombston's version 1, which looked much more, well, brick-like. Unfortunately, Tombstone has no plans to put a tutorial together for the device, though the Redditor has provided STL files for the 3D-printed shell.

So, instead of waiting for the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, or for another more powerful handheld device to come along, why not build your own custom device

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