DIY Liquor Cabinet Comes with its Own 'Lightning Technique'

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They say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but one DIY-er made it strike his liquor cabinet multiple times.

The carpenter, known as "MotherF******Jesus" on Imgur, risked life and limb to craft an incredible piece of cabinetry with Lichtenberg figures. Lichtenberg figures come as the result of electrical discharges through electrically insulating materials.

Our carpentry hero started the process because he fosters a kid. In order to foster, his alcohol had to be locked up. Given the "stupid prices" of liquor cabinets, he decided to build his own.

diy-liquor-cabinet18[Image source: Imgur]

He goes on to say that he borrowed some tools from a few friends, and got the ideas for resins and lightning from other imgur users.

diy-liquor-cabinet5[Image source: Imgur]

He says that he salvaged some old furniture, and borrowed some of the tools he used from friends to keep it as cheaper as its possible. After cutting the furniture in sized as he planned, he used an ole hand plane to start cleaning.

diy-liquor-cabinet4[Image source: Imgur]

Sure, asking a carpenter to build a cabinet isn't a huge deal. But it's the Lichtenberg markings that really got tricky, he said.

diy-liquor-cabinet9[Image source: Imgur]

He said the process wasn't easy...or safe:

"SAFETY MOTHERF***ING FIRST. These devices can instantly kill you if you make a mistake. Was trying to use this setup to make some lichtenberg marks on wood for some cabinets. Tried a few different configurations, the last one which burned out everything."

diy-liquor-cabinet6[Image source: Imgur]

"Trust me, I had to use one of my extra lives."

diy-liquor-cabinet13[Image source: Imgur]

After he cautions DIYers, he continues with the process.

diy-liquor-cabinet12[Image source: Imgur]

He uses microwave transformers to make the Lichtenberg markings, tools he borrowed from a friend who he hopes used them to weld.

"Tried a few different configurations, the last one which burned out everything. This was a proof of concept that the burner I made works and not an actual piece I am making."

diy-liquor-cabinet17[Image source: Imgur]

He then put cutting board oil on the cabinet for shine. To burn the surface, he put a 1/5 baking soda to water mixture. He said any type of ion like salt or lemon juice would also work.

diy-liquor-cabinet16[Image source: Imgur]

He used a wire brush to clean out the marks. After cleaning out some of the burns, he applied at two-part resin mixture called Alumilite and a blue glow powder. To hold everything, he coated it with one layer of polyurethane.

diy-liquor-cabinet19[Image source: Imgur]

The result is a cabinet that will draw enough attention even without knowing it holds alcohol. If you're wanting to attempt your own Lichtenberg markings, remember to use safety first.

Check his post here online to get the full method and get ready to make your own!

Via: Imgur

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