Doctors Found Four Live Bees Living Inside Woman's Tear Ducts

The 29-year old thought she had an eye infection.
Jessica Miley

A woman in Taiwan has been discovered to have four live bees living inside her tear ducts. The 29-year old visited the emergency room of her local hospital with an assumed eye infection but was horrified to discover her swollen eye was caused by living creatures.


The woman who is being referred to by her surname, He, was reportedly tending the grave of her father when she felt something fly into her eye. Suspecting it was dirt that flew up during her weeding she washed her eye and continued her day. During the night her eye began to swell and she felt some stinging.

Feasting on tears

The doctor treating her at the hospital inspected her eye under a microscope where he was surprised to see what looked like insect legs poking out from her tear ducts. The calm specialist then used tweezers to pull on the legs revealing not one, but four live bees who were apparently feasting on the woman's tears.

The bees known as Halictidae or sweat bees are attracted to the salt in human perspiration and now it seems tears too. The doctor who performed what is through to be the world’s first live salt bee extraction says the woman would have been at risk of damaging her eyesight if she had rubbed her eyes.

Eyesight saved 

The bees which are usually found in mountainous regions are not aggressive and generally only sting when attacked. Images of the bees have been shared by local media and show the bees to be not insignificant in size. While this was a case of a close call there has been several instances throughout history when humans have unexpectedly become host to a smaller creature.

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