Doggo Heaven: Dog-loving Couple Designed a Beagle-shaped B&B

A dog-loving couple created a B&B that has its own souvenir shop and is listed on Airbnb.
Chris Young
Dog Bark Park in Idaho Airbnb

Can you ever love dogs too much? Many would argue there simply isn't a line where being a dog-lover crosses over into being a little... well, obsessive.

A couple from Idaho is putting that theory to the test with an Airbnb they designed in the shape of a beagle. Not only that, it is a dog-themed, dog-shaped house where you can even buy dog memorabilia to take home with you.


In the doghouse 

The impressive BnB, dubbed Dog Bark Park, sleeps four people with two bedrooms and three beds.

Source: Airbnb

A balcony provides pleasant views over the meadow and the mountains. However, it might be difficult to tear your sight away from the unabashed dogginess of the actual home interior.

Source: Airbnb

The place comes with snacks included - not doggy snacks we hope - as well as breakfast and Wi-Fi.

The place even has a dog-themed souvenir shop for those who want to take a bit of puppy love home with them.

Source: Airbnb

It is all utterly insane - in the best way possible of course. At $176 per night, it's not cheap, but you can't fault the owners for their efforts in making dog-lovers feel at home.

You can see owners Frances and Dennis' Airbnb page for a better look.

Other insane Airbnbs

If you're more beer-friendly than canine-friendly, a beer hotel in Ostbevern might be the place to stay. The owners saw an opportunity in the huge beer barrels they were using to transport the beverage.

A beer BnB. Source: Airbnb

In 2015, meanwhile, Airbnb bizarrely floated a functioning house down the river Thames going through London.


While some argue Airbnb drives up rental costs in cities - a Bloomberg report last year said the effect is minimal - it sure does also provide some crazy alternatives for hotels. Dog Bark Park might be one of the most outlandish designs we've seen yet.