Dom'Up takes camping to luxurious heights

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The Dom'Up tent takes camping to new heights of luxury and it can be installed and dismantled without leaving any impact on the surrounding environment, including the trees. The tent (or cabin as inventors Bruno de Grunne and Nicolas d'Ursel call it) is an innovative treehouse that is far from the traditional small tents with frames on the ground.

domup-22[Image Source: Dom'up]

The Dom'Up features an octagonal platform of 16 square metres which can be suspended between two trees with a fixing system called the No Trace arboreal fixing system from Trees and People. Grunne said "The idea is to use the inner space of the forest, between the trees, rather than the inner space of a single tree which is full of branches and obstacles."

"Using our hanging system, we can distribute the weight of the structure with greater support, while having a lower impact on the trees. In fact, a tree can adapt itself to the constant tension like it does naturally with constant wind and we can achieve zero impact on the landscape. It is much better for the trees to hang treehouses between trees with our No Trace hanging devices, rather than trying to build into one or more trees."

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The Dom'Up has a UV resistant double canvas shelter with protective roofing by way of a thermo-welded tarpaulin. On the platform is a large terrace, while the open interior space doubles as the bedroom and living space. If you ever wanted to sleep under the stars you can move your bed onto the terrace, too.

domup[Image Source: Dom'up]

The actual structure is a mix of natural wooden flooring, galvanized steel and railings which go around the shelter for safety. The flooring is removable and can be taken away during rainy periods and then reinstalled quickly in the spring. Depending on the landscape in which the tree house cabin is installed, access to it is via a wooden ladder, stair or a suspension bridge.

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The Dom'Ups installation takes two days and the inventors claim that it can remain in place for many years, hence the removable flooring. The rig of the body is easy to build and it can be built without the use of a crane. The body can be left for decades but the overall durability would be dependent on weather conditions and should last for 10 years at least said the inventors. This is apart from the ropes and strappings which according to European law have to be replaced every 5 years.

domup-20[Image Source: Dom'up]

Work has already started on an updated version of the Dom'Up which is going to be insulated by a firewood heating system, this will allow visitors to stay in it during the winter. The treehouse cabin is very versatile and could be installed as an office in the trees, a resort or a restaurant with a difference.

domup-1[Image Source: Dom'up]

The Dom'Up is available for purchase around the world and is installed by the Trees and People network or arborist of your choice. Excluding installation costs the price tag is $28, 215.

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