Donald Trump endorses self-promotional superhero NFT cards, sells them all in a day

The $99 cards have attracted a lot of ridicule from both Democrats and Republicans.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Donald Trump's NFTs.

Collect Trump Cards 

It is a well-known fact that former president Donald Trump has big ideas about himself. People seem to agree.

A website, called Collect Trump Cards, which sold NFTs of Trump as a superhero, astronaut, and many more notable professions has officially sold out all its stock less than 24 hours after its launch.

There were 45,000 of the cards, each costing $99 which is not a small amount.

However, many also ridiculed the entrepreneur for this blatant show of self-promotion. 

Ted Lieu, a California member of the House of Representatives and a Democrat, tweeted his disapproval of the new Trump initiative.

“Dear MAGA folks: Hope it’s clear to you by now that Donald Trump disrespects you and thinks you are suckers,” he wrote.

Among Trump’s critics were also fellow Republicans. 

Steve Bannon, a media commentator and former chief strategist for Trump, said "I can't do this anymore” on his podcast.  

Anyone involved in the project "ought to be fired today," he added. 

Is Trump broke?

Many speculated that Trump might need the money referring to him as “broke.” 

But that did not deter Trump. Earlier this week, he posted a 15-second video in which he said: “America needs a superhero” with an image of himself with an open shirt revealing a red superhero costume with a ‘T’ on the chest and laser beams shooting from his eyes.

In a new video on the official Collect Trump Cards website, Trump refers to himself as “hopefully your favorite president of all time; better than Lincoln; better than Washington.”

Every time someone buys one of the NFT cards they are automatically entered into sweepstakes for “thousands of incredible prizes” and the chance to “meet the one and only #45.”  These prizes range from a Miami dinner with the famous figure, a Zoom call with him, or hand-signed memorabilia.

Purchasing all 45 trading cards (at a price of $4,455) will guarantee the owner “a ticket to a dinner with the president.” However, no details are provided as to a location and additional attendees.

A special Christmas gift

Finally, Trump also featured a special Christmas card of him in a Santa suit which he noted would be a “great” holiday gift.

The cards can be bought by credit card or cryptocurrency.

NFTs are assets in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other piece of property. However, they have no tangible form of their own.

They can be thought of as certificates of ownership for virtual or physical assets. 

Purchasing the tokens must be approached with caution as in the past experts have warned of the assets being used to collect credit cards and other financial information. 

It is safe to say that Trump’s cards were not a scam and were safe to purchase. However, one has to wonder who would like to do so.