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World's leading security and medical specialists from International SOS and Control Risks have revealed the Travel Risk Map for 2017. The map is highly important for investors and business makers, as well as travelers.

Travelling (even business travel) is awesome. However, problems can arise from not doing your research about an area. The Control Risks and International SOS recently published a map detailing these dangers so that, regardless of where you go, you can be prepared.

international-sos-travel-risk-map-2017[Image Source: International SOS]

Why is Travel Risk Map important?

According to Rob Walker, security specialist of International SOS and Control Risks, the map helps decision makers of companies to implement individual travel plans and risk policies.

“It is essential for decision-makers to have a reliable source of objective information to help them implement travel risk policies and individual travel plans. The extent of the preparation and support employees need could be determined either by medical or security risks or by a combination of both. Companies need to take a comprehensive view when preparing their employees for travel and assignments abroad.”

Reports show the concerns on a global level are changing every year. This year's records have shown the biggest concerns as potential terror attacks (71 percent), Zika virus (49 percent), civil unrest (46 percent). Road accidents and inadequate health care both came in at 15 percent. The Travel Risk Map was designed due to avoid these problems as well.

“Events of 2016 have resulted in a sense of increasing challenges in travel to places once thought secure. While risks are changing, organizations must ensure their actions to mitigate those changes are proportionate, and based on reality and not perception. Issues like healthcare provision and road safety, which account for over 70% of the assistance services we have provided in the past year, can often be obscured by more prominent, but less likely issues. With many organizations increasing their business travel activity, it is essential for decision-makers to be able to communicate that objective advice to their people, including in an actual crisis.”

'The New Normal for Business'

trm-infographic-2017[Image Source: International SOS]

The specialists point that 80 percent of organizations revised travel plans in the last year due to health and security concerns. Roughly 48 percent them told that their investment in travel risk mitigation has increased over the past year. Almost all of them believe this will rise further in the coming year. According to Dr Irene Lai, Medical Director of Information and Analysis for International SOS:

“It is vital for companies to familiarize themselves and their travelers with the health risks associated with travel and take measures to reduce those risks. While the Zika virus has had extensive media coverage this year, common medical issues which don’t make the headlines, such as traveler’s gastric issues or running out of regular medication, are more likely and can destroy a business trip.”

International SOS and Control Risks brings together two of the world’s leading security and medical specialists. Their expertise solutions and combined resources ensure that mobile employees are safe and help employers with their business of care duties. To get further information, check out their website.

Via International SOS and Control Risks

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