Drive Around Cities Virtually While Listening To Local Radio

This website offers a brief, virtual escape to those who are longing to be in other cities.
Derya Ozdemir

The pandemic which has taken its hold in the travel industry has definitely made 2020 a rather dull year; however, you don't need to kill the wanderlust in you when you can feed it with the virtual tours of the places perhaps you wouldn't get to see even if there wasn't a pandemic in the first place.

Starting the morning in Paris and then taking a night drive through the streets of Miami is not exactly a reality for many, but one website, rightfully named Drive & Listen, lets you do just that by taking you on a journey through the cities of the world from the comfort of your home with the sounds of the streets and local radios accompanying you.

Complete with radio stations and ambient noises

Drive & Listen, a website by student Erkam Şeker, originally from Istanbul, Turkey, allows anyone to take a virtual drive through almost 50 available cities.

Şeker told Business Insider that the idea came to him because he was missing his hometown after leaving for Munich, Germany for his Master's. He found himself watching videos of people driving around his hometown.

"It was so nice and beautiful to see my favorite parts as if I'm driving around. It helped me a lot to fight with this feeling of missing," he said.

Drive Around Cities Virtually While Listening To Local Radio
Tokyo, Japan. Source: Drive & Listen

He ended up collecting high-resolution dashcam footage from YouTube users to have a platform where they can have a similar experience.

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Adding cities such as Delhi, Wuhan, Zurich, Istanbul, San Francisco, Rome, Paris, and New York City; he made the experience as close to the real thing possible by adding local radio stations and ambient street noise.


Drive Around Cities Virtually While Listening To Local Radio
Istanbul, Turkey. Source: Drive & Listen

"At first, it got popular because people missed driving in their cities, but nowadays, I guess it's more like because people missed traveling in other cities," Şeker said.

In another interview with Lonely Planet, Şeker stated that he is adding new cities almost every day. If you're interested, you can take a drive through your favorite cities and customize the speed while listening to local radio stations.

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