Drive-In Movies Thrive in Germany Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The country is seeing local drive-in theaters grow in popularity as well as the introduction of make-shift ones.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Let's face it, there is not much to do during the coronavirus pandemic due to strict physical distancing regulations. This has resulted in a lot of boredom but also the search for many creative ways to entertain.


One such way is through drive-in cinemas that have begun thriving in Germany due to their ability to offer coronavirus-safe entertainment. As you may know, drive-in movies allow you to watch films from the comfort, and mostly the safety, of your own car.

As such they do not betray social distancing measures and are a good form of entertainment during this difficult period. According to Hollywood Reporter, a year-round drive-in theater in Germany called Autokino Essen has sold out every screening since the country went into lockdown in early March, regardless of what movie is playing.

"It doesn't matter what we show, people just want to get out and watch a movie," Frank Peciak, manager of Autokino Essen told Hollywood Reporter. "We're sold out weeks in advance."

And it's not just existing theaters that are proving popular. Around the country, makeshift drive-ins are showing up in various locations.

Events management company D.Live and indie cinema Loe Studios have both set up new theaters, one in the parking lot of the Dusseldorf Trade Fair and the other in an open lot behind a biker bar.

Drive-in theaters are easy to arrange as they just require a wide-open space and a large enough screen. Once put into place, they can easily follow lockdown regulations by keeping cars sufficiently far apart.