Drone footage shows how a Russian convoy is ambushed by Ukrainian forces

The incident took place in an eastern suburb of Kyiv.
Loukia Papadopoulos
A Russian military convoy ambushed by Ukrainian forces. Defense Intelligence of Ukraine/ Twitter

Seven days ago Ukraine shared a video of their forces blasting a Russian helicopter with a missile.

Now, drone footage has surfaced of Ukrainian forces ambushing a Russian armored column. The clip was released in a tweet by the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine. The video lasts 45-seconds and shows a coordinated intelligent attack.

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A thrilling ambush

The ambush took place just outside Brovary, an eastern suburb of Kyiv, in a lightly inhabited area on the E95 road about 22 miles (35km) from the center of Kyiv. The video has a voice-over of what may be a Russian officer reporting the attack to his superiors. 

“Sixth regiment lost,” the officer says in the video in Russian. “I cannot report about the 6th regiment. I’m collecting data. Lots of losses. They waited for us. The Head of the convoy got into the ambush. Regiment commander killed in action.”

He then goes on to speculate that his forces may have been targeted by Turkish Bayraktar drones.

Surprising tactics

According to The Guardian, the video has been described as credible by military experts who were surprised by the tactics used by Russian forces who seem to be caught completely off guard by the attack.

“They either think they are going through a safe area, or they were not well trained or they are moving fast for some other requirement," Ben Barry, a former tank commander with the British army and a land warfare specialist with the International Institute for Strategic Studies, told the news outlet.

It seems that despite being a smaller force, Ukraine's military is pulling some impressive mighty moves. Will it be enough to salvage their land and homes? Time will tell.

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