Dubai Police Department Could Add Tesla's Cybertruck to Its High-End Fleet

The Dubai government tweeted out a Cybertruck emblazoned with its logo on it.
Donna Fuscaldo

The jury may be out on whether or not Tesla has a hit on its hands with its Cybertruck, which it rolled out last week, but the Dubai Police Department seems to be in love. 

A few days after Elon Musk took the wrappings off the much-speculated and hyped all-electric truck, Dubai Future Foundation, an agency of the government Tweeted out a picture of what could be a new addition to its force of high-end police cars: a Cybertruck emblazoned with the Dubai Police logo. 


Cybertruck rolls off the production line next year 

At this point, it's only a dream since the Cybertruck isn't expected to roll off the production line until 2020. The Dubai Police Force is known for its high-end vehicles that are part of its fleet of crime-stopping rides. Some of them include an Aston Martin One-77, Bugatti Veyron, Bentley Continental, BMW i8 and a Ferrari FF to name a few. 

The Dubai Police Department isn't the only one blown away by the Cybertruck, which starts at $39,900.  Since its debut late last week, preorders for the stainless steel all-electric truck have been pouring in. Customers only have to put down $100 to be an early owner of the truck. Telsa typically requires at least a $1,000 deposit for pre-orders.  Musk has been using Twitter to update the world about orders and said Tuesday (26 November) pre-orders reached 250,000

The futuristic pickup can seat up to six passengers and gets 300 miles on a charge. The Cybertruck comes in three versions starting at $39,900 for a single motor Cybertruck. A dual motor version costs $49,900 while a tri-motor model goes for $69,900.

Musk stokes controversy with Cybertruck 

Since its debut Musk has been touting its strength in addition to pre-orders. He's making sure the Cybertruck stays in the press, posting a video of a Cybertruck pulling a Ford F-150 pickup to show off its strength. That stirred controversy, with critics including a Ford designer and Neil deGrasse Tyson questioning the accuracy of the video. 

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They were quick to point out the Cybertruck is heavier than the Ford F-150. The Ford was also put in the 2-wheel drive mode, making it easier for the Cybertruck to pull it. Ford X vice president Sunny Madra offered to do an "apples to apples" comparison for Musk, but later walked back his comments with Ford saying the tweet was "tongue in cheek."