Dutch Restaurant Can Beat Social Distancing, Fully-Booked Until End of June

A dutch restaurant is fully-booked until the end of June after constructing glass huts in which social distancing customers may enjoy a candlelit dinner despite the coronavirus crisis.
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A restaurant in Amsterdam called Mediamatic capable of operating with full social distancing measures is already fully-booked until the end of June despite the coronavirus crisis, according to the restaurant's website. Their success could speak to how hospitality and tourism industries may survive the COVID-19 outbreak.


Dutch restaurant with social distancing fully-booked

An Amsterdam-based restaurant called Mediamatic capable of serving customers while respecting social distancing measures in what looks like an outdoor garden is already fully-booked until the end of June, according to their website.

This development highlights many issues confronting the hospitality and tourism industries, as they attempt to move forward into the post-coronavirus era of business.

In the last few months, social distancing and other measures taken by national governments and private companies have forced restaurants, hotels, bars, and many other industries to shut down in a bid to help slow the spread of the virus.

Dutch Restaurant Can Beat Social Distancing, Fully-Booked Until End of June
Social-distancing patrons dine on the riverbank, at Mediamatic. Source:Mediamatic / Instagram

"It's super-cozy, it's really cozy, it's nice and the food is delicious," said a woman invited to a trial dinner with her roommate, to Reuters.

"We are now learning how to do the cleaning, how to do the service, how to get the empty plates out in an elegant way, so you still feel taken care of nicely," said Mediamatic's Willem Velthoven, to Reuters.

At the moment, Dutch restaurants remain closed to the public until May 19, while kitchens may still provide takeaway services.

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However, even if restaurants are permitted to reopen at limited capacity with full safety and social distancing measures in place, many could see financial ruin without the lifting of social distancing measures.

Dutch Restaurant Can Beat Social Distancing, Fully-Booked Until End of June
Friends discussing their lives amid social-distancing candlelight dinner.Source: Mediamatic / Instagram

Candlelit dinner amid the coronavirus crisis

In the photos, groups of friends are seen inside glass sheds, resting gently on an overgrown stone patio on the riverside. Notably, none of those dining have gloves or masks on, suggesting a need to fully disinfect the interior of an eating unit after each customer.

Each unit appears to have a retractable door, above which are number designations. Of course, nothing is a total fail-safe against contamination from the coronavirus, but this could be a hint of how the hospitality and tourism industries are working to survive the effects of social distancing.

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