Economics and Engineering Students Tend to Make More Money out of School Compared to Their Peers

Picking the right area of study affects how much you make and your chances of finding a job.
Donovan Alexander

In today’s current competitive market, it is important to take some time to seriously consider what you want to do after you finish school. The degree you pursue will direct you towards your next opportunity outside of the realms of the university and could very much influence how much money you make that first year out of school. 


Though these are not things, you want to think about during your first year at Uni, and perhaps you still are not sure about what you want to do, there is some data out there that could point you in the right direction. The minds at Satsuma Loans have decided to do just that. 

What to do, and where to go?

Which university courses give you the best chance of employment, and which offer the best salary? According to a report created by CNBC, some of the most popular university majors include business, social sciences, and history, engineering, and the biological and biomedical sciences. Or perhaps, you might be interested in picking an area of study based off of difficulty? 

Degrees like architecture, engineering, and mathematics have all been dubbed as the hardest pursuits while at school. However, let’s go back to our first question. According to Satsuma Loans in the UK, students pursuing a medical degree and dentistry tend to be the highest earners in a year following graduation. 

Most Popular

Other areas of study expected to bring in the bucks include medicine and dentistry, economics, engineering, mathematical sciences, and pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacy. 

On the other end of the spectrum, some of the worst paying degrees include those jumping into the area of Creative Arts and Design, agriculture, and liberal arts, with psychology on the bottom of the list. 

Picking the right degree

Jumping further into the study, 97% of graduates of those who studied Medicine & Dentistry find a job within a year compared to 79.8% of graduates who studied Languages, linguistics and classics. 

Nevertheless, we are always at the agreement, that picking a subject that you love, will be far more rewarding in the long term, than short term financial gains. What subject are you studying right now?

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