Editing Software Can Transform Still Photos into Animated Cinemagraphs

Trevor English

Photography has long been relegated to stills, but now thanks to a new software, photographers have the option of turning their images into moving cinemagraphs. Called Plotagraph, the program allows you to upload photos and turn them into looping animated gifs. Photographer and artist Troy Plota is behind the software that is now the simplest way to transform your digital photography.

"The Plotagraph team has been working on the Plotagraph Technique and Software over the past several years. We created an algorithym that has brought Photography into the digital age." ~ Plotagraph

While the technology can certainly be used for fun and games, many large companies like Coca-Cola and Airbnb are using it to spice up their online imaging campaigns. The best part about the program is it doesn't require multiple shots. A built-in algorithm analyzes the locations of motion and automatically selects portions of the image to animate. In certain pictures, this gives a 3D illusion to an otherwise flat canvas.

If you are interested in learning how to turn your images into complex animated gifs, keep scrolling and check out the tutorial video from the founder of the company.

"After years of developing our software we are finally ready to launch to the public. We feel like this is going to help add a tremendous boost to the world of Photography. Now Photographers can sell their work in the video arena. This helps photographers monitize their animated images to more clients and gives digital Artists a new way to express themselves on a whole new level." ~ Plotagraph


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