Elon Musk Apologizes to British Diver in Thai Cave Rescue for Calling Him ‘Pedo’

Elon Musk has apologized to British diver Vern Unsworth after calling him 'pedo guy' on Twitter.
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Elon Musk has apologized to the British diver who helped in the rescue of the 12 Thai soccer players after calling him a ‘pedo’ on Twitter.

Musk has now apologized to the professional diver saying that he had "spoken in anger". While fans of Musk will be happy to see the famously egotistical entrepreneur do the right thing, for the SpaceX CEO, a Google search of ‘Musk and pedo’ together will forever yield results.

Musk told reporters that he is sorry for the tweets and that the "fault is mine and mine alone." "His actions against me do not justify my actions against him, and for that I apologise," Mr Musk said.

Unsworth unhappy with Musk's submarine idea

The debacle was sparked when Unsworth was asked about his impression of Musk‘s ‘kid-sized’ submarine in an interview after the successful rescue operation. Unsworth said the submarine “had absolutely no chance of working” because the inventor “had no conception of what the cave passage was like”.

Musk went on a Twitter rampage to defend his submarine, critizing Unsworth before finally saying, “Sorry pedo guy, you really did ask for it.” Musk was criticized for his attack, but doubled down on his claims going on to describe his visit to Thailand saying “Never saw this British expat guy who lives in Thailand (sus) at any point when we were in the caves."

“Only people in sight were the Thai navy/army guys, who were great. Thai navy seals escorted us in – total opposite of wanting us to leave. Water level was actually very low & still (not flowing) – you could literally have swum to Cave 5 with no gear, which is obv how the kids got in."

“If not true, then I challenge this dude to show final rescue video.” Unsworth was shocked by the allegations Musk laid against him, telling he was “astonished and very angry” at the attack.

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Tesla shareholders join forces against Musk

Unsworth says he has saved copies of the tweets and is considering legal action against billionaire Musk. Tesla shareholders joined together to demand Musk to aplogize.

James Anderson, Tesla’s fourth-largest shareholder, told media he was dissapointed in Musk's behaviour saying immediatley after the incident, “I intend to convey my – predictable I trust – feelings to the company tomorrow.”


Gene Munster, the head of research at Loup Ventures, a venture capital firm wrote an open letter to Musk asking for him to say sorry. The letter reads: “The exchange with Vern Unsworth crossed the line. I suspect you would agree given you deleted the string from Twitter, but it will take more than that to regain investor confidence.

Your behavior is fueling an unhelpful perception of your leadership – thin-skinned and short-tempered. Thankfully, the road to regaining investor confidence is well traveled. It starts with an apology.”

Musk has an up and down relationship with Twitter which he has used for both good and bad in the last 12 months. Munster's letter goes on to suggest Musk take a Twitter ‘sabbatical’ to ensure Tesla’s image is preserved.

Via: BBC

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