Elon Musk announces audio and video calls on Twitter, now X

The service will be simultaneously introduced on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, and it will not require a phone number during the registration process.
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Elon Musk.
Elon Musk.

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In a tweet, Elon Musk announced that individuals using X, previously known as Twitter, can soon engage in audio and video calls directly on the platform.

Following his acquisition of Twitter last year, Musk has been diligently working to transform the platform into an 'everything app'. Musk's vision draws inspiration from WeChat, a widely utilized app in China that combines features such as payment services, instant messaging, and social media.

Part of this vision is also putting an end to the iconic bird that has been synonymous with the platform. Recently, Musk introduced a rebranding of Twitter as 'X' and has discussed various enhancements that are in the pipeline to elevate it into a super app.

New features on X 

Musk has toyed with letting users engage in stock and cryptocurrency trade through the platform. Interesting Engineering has previously reported how Twitter teamed up with platforms eToro and TradingView, enabling users to promptly act on the information they come across in their timelines.

The roll-out of these features has been slow and failed to generate a high level of excitement amongst users. However, Musk's latest move does not depend on external factors and could increase engagement on the platform. 

As Musk indicated in his tweet, the service will forego the requirement of a phone number during registration. The X username alone will suffice to establish connections with others, essentially transforming the platform into a worldwide contact directory.

X currently includes a feature known as Spaces, allowing multiple users to participate in audio calls. However, this does not encompass individual calling, which is a feature the platform is currently preparing to introduce.

More like Instagram, less like Threads

Musk's move also makes X seem more like Meta's Instagram, which lets users make voice and video calls.

Nevertheless, this move also makes it distinct from the Twitter alternatives BlueSky and Threads, both of which aim to occupy the very territory that X wants to occupy in its pursuit of becoming a super app.

Musk's tweet affirms that the service will be made available across various platforms. This means that whether someone is using an Android device, an Apple device, a PC, or a Mac, the calls can be conducted effortlessly and without interruption.

Yet this is easier said than done. Musk's massive firing spree after his takeover means that there are fewer people to work on new features at the company. With so many apps offering video calling features, the service isn't an excellent pull for new users; unless it provides something exceptionally great, even current X users would not be keen to use it to communicate with friends or family. 

Another possible hurdle in its adoption could be Musk himself. The ex-CEO is eager to ensure the platform's profitability and might incorporate this service within the reasonably priced Twitter Blue subscription.

To determine if the feature holds any intriguing elements, we'll have to wait and observe how and when Musk introduces its rollout.

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