Elon Musk Deletes All of His and His Companies' Facebook Accounts

The billionaire quickly deleted his companies' various Facebook accounts in response to recent scandal involving the social media platform.
Shelby Rogers

Elon Musk is having none of Mark Zuckerberg's current scandal. In just a matter of minutes, the Tesla/SpaceX/Boring Company/Solar City CEO and frequent social media user removed himself from Facebook. And, in true Musk fashion, he documented the entire thing on Twitter. 

The thread started when WhatsApp co-founder and developer Brian Acton sent out a simple tweet saying "It is time. #deletefacebook." Acton -- who made millions selling WhatsApp to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook -- is now calling followers to delete their profiles given recent events.


Over the weekend, media outlets discovered that a consulting firm associated with President Donald Trump's election campaign mproperly gathered data regarding 50 million Facebook users. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg remained relatively silent until just recently when he went on CNN to assure Facebook users that he would get to the bottom of the issue. However, it hasn't stopped government officials, celebrities, and Facebook users from around the world from questioning whether or not they should still be using the service. 

To Acton's tweet, Musk responded with a simple "What's Facebook?" -- a rather snarky remark given Musk's famous Twitter jabs with Zuckerberg himself. 

And then came the first challenge: 

To which Musk gladly obliged. 

(Somewhere, the social media managers of Musk's accounts were calling each other in a panic as they saw this happen.)

Next was the Tesla Facebook page that Musk had no problem with deleting because it "looks lame anyway."

Both the Tesla and SpaceX Facebook accounts carried roughly 2.6 million followers apiece. Other Twitter users commented that Solar City also lost its Facebook page as well as the Boring Company. The ones that remain appear to be fan-made pages not run by Musk's employees or himself directly. 

As of this writing, Musk has yet to delete his various Instagram accounts, a call some fans are hoping he'll make as Instagram is still owned by the Facebook company. 

Celebrity Social Media Smackdowns

No guesses yet as to how or if this will affect Facebook, but Musk isn't the only celebrity to sway users against using a particular platform. Pop singer Rihanna called out Snapchat to her nearly 6 million Instagram followers after Snap Inc allowed an advertisement asking users if they'd "rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown." Brown assaulted Rihanna when the pair dated nearly a decade ago, and the 'joke' advert did not sit well with Rihanna or her fans. Snap Inc's stock dropped nearly 6 percent in an hour. Similarly, Snap shares dropped by almost 8 percent after Kylie Jenner tweeted she was "sooo over" Snapchat in February. Jenner's comment came in response to the frustrating new layout of the app which released on its last update. 

Via: Twitter

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