Elon Musk is entering Twitter HQ, laughing and carrying a sink

The Tesla CEO is ready for business
Stephen Vicinanza

Youtube Capture  

Elon Musk released a video of himself entering the Twitter headquarters carrying a sink. This may be his cheeky way of saying he is on board at the helm of Twitter.

The outspoken executive hasn't said yet if he will open the doors to the many accounts that Twitter had suspended. From the looks of things, he is trying to make a bold statement.

The word is the deal to take over the social media giant is nearing completion and all the hype and rumors are being put to rest. The billionaire has been ordered to finalize the deal by Friday of this week at 5:00 pm.

Earlier on Wednesday Twitter Chief Marketing Officer and Head of People Leslie Berland sent out an email that notified employees that Musk would be in the building sometime this week.

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