Elon Musk made sure no one misses the new X sign atop its San Francisco HQ

The shiny sign is part of the rebranding of the company from Twitter to X.
Sejal Sharma
The X sign on top of the San Francisco headquarters.
The X sign on top of the San Francisco headquarters.


The Bat-Signal was lit atop the city of Gotham as a summoning distress call, but the new "X" sign atop the San Francisco headquarters of X, formerly called Twitter, is only causing distress to its neighbors who have summoned the police.

Reportedly, a giant, glowing X was installed on Friday, July 28, without permission from the area authorities. Much to the chagrin of the people living nearby, the sign sometimes flashes aggressively, throwing its blinding light on the buildings around it.

It’s like a kid showing off his new shiny toy

The huge X sign is part of the rebranding of the microblogging website. So far, the microblogging website has changed its handle to @x, albeit without the permission of its previous owner, which is a totally different story you can read here.

The city of San Francisco is taking cognizance and has launched an investigation. City officials mentioned replacing letters or symbols on buildings, or erecting a sign on top of one, requires a permit for design and safety reasons, as per the Associated Press. Replacement of any letters or symbols would require a permit to ensure “consistency with the historic nature of the building,” said Patrick Hannan, spokesperson for the Department of Building Inspection.

This is the second time in a week that the Elon Musk-owned company has run into issues with the city authorities. On July 24, police stopped by the headquarters where a few workers were removing the iconic bird logo from the building. They were stopped because they didn’t have the proper permits and didn’t secure the sidewalk to protect the pedestrians in case something fell.

The responses have been angry

Reacting to the ‘Look at me now’ sign, an X user said: “Can you imagine living opposite this strobing X sign at Twitter HQ?”

Another user commented:

Patricia Wallinga, who lives opposite the X building said it was “a danger” and “a clown show”. She added, “I thought it was lightning, and I was very confused. I went to my window, I looked around, I didn’t see anything. I thought it was maybe a police siren,” reported The Guardian.

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