Elon Musk may have his replacement on Twitter, a former SpaceX Engineer Steve Davis

The former engineer had been CEO of The Boring Company, Musk's tunneling enterprise.
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Steve Davis
Steve Davis

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Steve Davis has the spirit of the entrepreneur, having been a major guidance systems engineer at SpaceX, CEO of a small chain of yogurt shops, and the CEO of the Boring Company, an Elon Musk's venture to create tunnels in all major cities. All that may be leading up to Davis taking over Twitter from the present CEO, Elon Musk.

This reporting is first from an Insider article.

Davis had been living at Twitter headquarters for the last two months, as the leader in proxy for Elon Musk. The prospective Twitter leader is a hardcore employee, even bringing his wife and newborn baby to work, right after his first child's birth. They all slept in an office together.

Steve Davis has led a pretty diversified life, a Rocket Scientist from the beginning of the SpaceX Falcon series rocket construction and launches. Owned a yogurt shop he sold for $1 USD. And a bar that was named "Thomas Foolery."

At the present time the new father and husband is still running The Boring Company, Elon Musk's bid to the relieve traffic jams, by constructing tunnels underneath large cities. It hasn't as yet been a success, but many cities are considering it.

Over the last two months Davis has been a resident at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California. He has been the proxy head of Twitter, standing in for Elon Musk.

Although none of the changes at Twitter are being attributed to Davis, he has been working long hours doing what Elon Musk employees do, put in long hours.

It can be gleaned from the length of time the proxy has been in place, that Musk is definitely considering stepping down. Even with the various Tweets that offer alternatives.

Some of the more eccentric and quirky ventures that Davis has been involved in continue to be fodder for the new outlets.

He was the owner of a Yogurt shop chain called Mr. Yogato which offered patrons a mix of healthy and silly choices with their yogurt order. One of the healthy choices was Kiwi on their yogurt, one of the silly was stump Davis with a trivia question and get a discount. But if Davis answered the trivia question the customer would pay more for their treat.

Davis owned a Washington DC bar, after he received a PhD from George Mason University. One of the quirky gimmicks the patrons could enjoy was "angry hour" where customers could yell their drink orders.

Davis has described Rocket Science, particularly guidance systems as trying to send a pencil into space, after balancing it on one finger. "Have you ever tried to balance a pencil on one finger?" he said in a video on YouTube about his work as an Engineer at SpaceX.

Sending any rocket into space is just as hard to do, and now they can do that, and bring a large portion of the rocket back to Earth completely intact. That is a feat in and of itself, and it saves multimillions of dollars in materials.

It does look like he will be balancing the right and left on the edge of a computer keyboard. If he does as well with Twitter as he has with SpaceX there could be some changes that could have a positive effect on the social media giant.

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