Elon Musk Presents: The New $50 'Cyberwhistle' Was Sold Out in Hours

Now, it is available on eBay for $2,250.
Ameya Paleja
The $50 whistle.Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced the company's latest merchandise on Twitter: a stainless steel whistle called the "Cyberwhistle". And it was sold out in a few hours, Business Insider reported. 

The "premium collectible", as Tesla calls it on its website, is made out of medical-grade stainless steel and joins the list of other merchandise that Tesla sells on its online shop including a $60 umbrella and a $45 desktop USB charger that is modeled with the same 3D CAD data that was used to manufacture the real sized Tesla Supercharger. Although the store also has diecast to-scale replicas of the Teslas electric vehicles including the Roadster and the Semi, the Cybertruck is conspicuously missing. 

Tesla's sale of the Cybertruck-shaped whistle is likely to retain the interest in the pickup that has seen many delays. Recently, Musk has said that the Cybertruck is intentionally an insane technology bandwagon, and a product roadmap for the much-delayed vehicle is now expected early next year. However, the complete sell-out of the miniature look-alike whistle is likely a sign that interest in the vehicle has barely waned. Business Insider also reported that resellers had already put the item on eBay for $2,250 with a screenshot of Tesla order placement. 

While introducing the product, Musk also took a shot at Apple regarding the $19 microfiber cloth the phone maker is selling for its devices' screen cleaning.

However, a BBC report wonders if there is more to the whistle than it appears. On another note, Musk's tweet "Blow the whistle on Tesla" is being looked at as a joke on the whistleblowers who have dragged the electric car maker to court on counts of sexual harassment and racial abuse at its factory in California. In October, Tesla was ordered by the court to pay an ex-employee $137 million for failing to stop him from being racially abused, BBC reported.  

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