Elon Musk Proves You Never Need a CV Longer than One Page

Is your CV stopping you from getting a job? Check out how Elon Musk can make a perfect resume on just one page- and so can you!
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Exams are just finishing up and you might have finished your last year at school, or you might be looking for a job changeover so making a perfect CV (Curriculum Vitae, or resume) can be rather difficult. Every person you talk to seems to have a different opinion on how it should be done, leaving you more confused than before. With only seconds to persuade an employer if you are good enough for a job or not, you have to make every inch count. One reoccurring theme is to have an extra page that is supposed to show off your experience. If you are adding one more page to your CV, you are doing it all wrong, an employer will likely not even look at any page beyond the first. Plain and simply, a one page CV is more than enough to show your capabilities, qualifications, and experience. All you have to do is manage a space-saving layout that effectively uses up every inch of your CV in an intelligible way.

To demonstrate how effective a one page CV can be, Novoresume and online resume helper that is dedicated to changing the way resumes are made, made an example resume of Elon Musk showcasing his life achievements such as being the CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and PayPal- all on just one page. If Elon Musk can have a one-page resume, so can you. You can check it out below.

elon musk resume CV[Image Source: Novoresume]

There you have it, one of the most successful people of our generation with a resume that easily fits on one page. The resume uses some nice graphics and takes up both sides of the page, complemented by a nice color scheme, but most importantly there is a minimum wastage of writing space.

Elon Musks highly successful life can be summarized incredibly effectively on just one page and it looks great. With minimal paper used, your future employer will not have to shuffle through a couple pages while trying to keep track of your employment history and other credentials. There is even some space to showcase some cheeky aspects, like Elon's interest in video games and micromanaging. Although if there are hundreds of other candidates perhaps it would not be a great idea to include a cheeky side, sometimes it is necessary to set yourself apart from the crowd.  The resume service is a great start to completing your resume and getting ahead of the competition. It's a scary but exciting time, you can try and settle yourself by having a perfect CV by following these simple steps.

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