Elon Musk rehires Ligma and Johnson, who never worked there

Ligma and Johnson went from claiming to be fired from Twitter to being rehired in a Musk publicity stunt
Stephen Vicinanza
Ligma Musk and Johnson
Ligma Musk and Johnson


Elon Musk, owner of SpaceX, and Twitter has been trying his best to un-fire those he laid off just a few weeks ago. The rash decision has affected millions of Twitter users and immediately impacted the company.

None are more aware of that impact than Rahul Ligma and Daniel Johnson. It is well known that the pair had been photographed leaving the San Francisco office of Twitter carrying one box each of their belongings. They had been fired on the same day.

But that is not the end of the story, Ligma, who has said he worked for Web 2.0 and FTX, as well as Twitter, didn't work for any of them.

He and Johnson were un-unhired by Elon Musk today, as he posed with them in front of a Twitter Blue Bird, at the headquarters in San Francisco.

Ligma had become famous as the poser who claimed he had been fired by Musk, then sacked by FTX. He is somewhat of a social media celebrity now, and not looking at all happy in his photo shoot with Musk.

It is an ignominious distinction to be found out for three untrue claims, all in the face of real layoffs and bankruptcies people are experiencing. Then to be un-fired and re-hired after never having worked at Twitter in the first place.

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