Elon Musk Says Coronavirus Panic is 'Dumb' in Tweet

Elon Musk said that the coronavirus panic is "dumb," in stark contrast to a wordy reaction penned by Bill Gates in February.
Brad Bergan

On Friday, Elon Musk made a statement on Twitter expressing his feeling that the coronavirus panic is "dumb."


Elon Musk's first comment on the coronavirus

At a glance, this is the first comment from Elon Musk on the deadly coronavirus, which has infected more than 100,000 globally and left thousands dead. The tweet went viral immediately, with more than 10,000 likes in ten minutes.

While it is the briefest, Musk's tweet isn't the first major tech CEO to speak up about the novel coronavirus. Bill Gates penned an op-ed in late February, called "How to respond to COVID-19," referring to the scientific name of the disease caused by the virus.

Elon Musk's take obvious contrast to Bill Gates' thoughts

In it, he argues that the coronavirus presents world leaders with an opportunity to help impoverished and vulnerable countries in Africa and South Asia prepare early before the coronavirus reaches a potentially-unprecedented level of global crisis.

However, Musk and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates came to Twitter blows when Musk called Bill Gates "underwhelming" for buying a Porsche, instead of a Tesla, in a tweet.

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Clearly, the coronavirus outbreak is affecting everyone, but as Musk may be implying, even when there is something to panic about, it's easy for humans to become less aware of the real threats posed than they are of the panic itself.

No further developments are available but be sure to check-in here for the latest in coronavirus, and witty tweets, in the coming year.

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